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You want to make Aliyah to Israel ?
We offer you a special integration program in Moshav Gadid.

The "Group Aliyah" offers you:

A 6-month intensive Ulpan Hebrew course within walking distance, the Ulpan offered in Gush Katif is a new ultra modern approach to teaching including computerized work stations together with traditional methods of frontal classroom teaching.
Immediate entry into Israeli society; this will be accomplished by means of social activities and participation in the community life of the moshav along with the members. Each immigrant family will be matched with an "adoptive" family from the moshav.
Housing equipped and furnished 2 bedroom individual homes. Each house is surrounded by a yard.
Information about your new immigrants’ rights and duties such as military service, customs procedures, professional counseling and job retraining.
Individual attention, even before your arrival such as registration in school and kindergarden, and step-by-step follow-up during your stay in Gadid.
The program includes Jewish studies, social activities and tours in the country.

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We wish to give new immigrants the best conditions to assure a proper integration in Israel.

We want to lead the new immigrants’ first steps in Israel and smooth out the many problems that an "oleh" might fade arriving in a new country and adapting to a new way of life.

Absorption through the moshav allows friendly social contacts with Israeli families and acquaintance with Israeli lifestyle.

Aside from the help the oleh might receive from the team in moshav Gadid, aliyah within a group of families who share the same problems, come from the same background and share the same concerns might be helpful. 

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After the first year in Gadid !!!!!

After the first critical year of Aliyah each family will choose a permanent place to live according to its preferences whether it is in Gush Katif or in any other place in Israel.

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